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Asparagus sprengeri

Asparagus Fern is an erect, perennial herb.  It is somewhat woody, and branches gracefully with an arching and fern-like habit.  Its leaves and alternate and scale-like.  The terminal branchlets are very narrow, flat, and needle-like, and form in clusters of 3.  Its yellow-green flowers are axillary, drooping,
6-parted, and bell-shaped.  The fruit is a bright red berry.  Asparagus densiflorus is moderately salt tolerant. Prefers medium warmth; water regularly in spring to autumn, sparingly in winter; intolerant of high light intensity, avoid direct sunlight.  Intolerant of constantly wet soil.  Maintenance is low.  To maintain its height and form, pinch back the stem tips.  This will also allow the plant to become denser.  If that is not sufficient to achieve the desired form, the plant can be cut down to the soil level.  The plant will then begin to regenerate.  


Category Perennial Herb
Family Liliaceae
Origin South Africa
Evergreen Yes
Flower Color Two Toned Red with White
Bloomtime N/A
Height 2-3 feet
Width 3-5 feet
Exposure Shade - Partial Shade
Summer Dry No 
Irrigation (H2O Info) Medium Water Needs
Winter Hardiness 20° - 25° F
Poisonous Low severity characteristics