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Lantana New Gold
Lantana New Gold
Lantana 'New Gold' (New Gold Lantana) - An evergreen low growing semi-hardy groundcover shrub that grows 18 to 24 inches tall by 6 feet wide or more with densely held medium green foliage. From spring through fall appear a profusion of rich golden yellow flowers in tight 1 inch wide clusters and, with its near sterility, the flowers rarely produce any seed, so are self-cleaning and the plant more florally prolific. Plant in full to mostly full sun in most any soil type and water occasionally - though not a summer dry plant in our Mediterranean climate, it does not require as much water as one would think given its more tropical origins. It is evergreen in frost-free climates down to 25 °F.  It reportedly is tolerant of reflected heat, smog, poor soil, coastal and dry conditions as well as being resistant to predation by deer and rabbits. If in a cold region it can be pruned back hard in early spring to rejuvenate and this is a good time to prune if trying to control its size and keep an eye out for white fly, which can plague Lantana camara varieties some years. With its wide spreading growth and attractive long flowering period, this is an excellent plant to use as low shrub or groundcover on a slope or as a border planting. It is also nice spilling out of container specimen or hanging basket and it is a pollinator magnet, attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
Category Shrub
Family Verbenaceae (Vervains)
Origin Tropical America
Evergreen Yes
Flower Color Yellow
Bloomtime Spring/Fall
Synonyms [L. x hybrida 'New Gold', L. Gold Mound]
Parentage (Lantana camara x Lantana montevidensis?)
Height 1-2 feet
Width 4-6 feet
Exposure Full Sun
Seaside Yes
Summer Dry Yes
Deer Tolerant Yes
Irrigation (H2O Info) Low Water Needs
Winter Hardiness 25-30° F
May be Poisonous Yes